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Cloning your Mac / Linux hard drive/SSD with dd

In the process of upgrading my Mac SSD drive (which is a whole story of its own), I've come across many different methods of doing so.
At one time, I was keeping "Time Machine" backups regularly which made the whole process quick and easy; I swapped the SSD cards and restored the most recent Time Machine backup from the hard drive I was keeping the backups on.

Eventually, I came across another method that I was already familiar with already but didn't think of in this particular scenario.

It evolves a command line utility called "dd" (Wikipedia) mainly used to copy and convert files.

This cloning method works on Macs, Linux, FreeBSD and any unix-based systems. You will have to be familiar with the command line interface (Terminal).

Normally the command looks like this:
$ sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb "sudo" is necessary as we are cloning a system drive.

"if" is the input file - it is the original drive we wish to clone.

"of" …